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Bob Curran Takes 2002 NMCA EZ Championship – October 1, 2002

Columbus, OH – Bob Curran and Phil Hines fought a tight Chevy vs Ford battle all season for the EZ Street crown. With FastTimes power under the hood of the wheelstanding 96 Corvette and Jeff D’Agostino and Nick Scavo provided tuning advice, Curran was a force to be reckoned with winning the championship in only his second year of competition. “Sponge Bob” walked away with the winners loot at Moroso, Virginia, Canada, Salem, and Stanton and runner-up money at Atlanta, Cecil County, and Martin.

Curran blasted his way into the record books with a 166.95-mph trip through the lights at Cecil County. There’s one thing you can say about these guys. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. If they hurt a piston then they fixed it. They sure didn’t pack up and head home. They also eat good. Look out Limited Street! Bob Curran is coming!


Bob riding the wheelie bars at Columbus.